We can carry out a range of repairs including:

Computer Repair Aberdeen
Computer Repair

Many people’s biggest concern is their files.  All those photos and music files are important to them.  We ensure that, prior
to any repair, your data is backed up onto one of our systems.  Once the repair is complete and you are completely
satisfied then the backup is deleted.
Laptop Screen replacement
Laptop Keyboard replacement
Virus Removal
Windows re-installation
Should you wish to upgrade components in your computer we can do that as well. We are happy to advise on any parts you need and can source
and fit them for you for a pre-agreed fee.

Call Doug on 01224 684258 or 07766 426665 for more information.
Our charges are as low as we can make them.  For repairs of up to one hour we charge £45.00  If the repair is likely to take longer then we charge
additional hours at £10 per hour. (These figures do not include the cost of parts).
Hard Drive replacement
Desktop Computer repairs
Maintenance and Upgrades
It includes the following:

PC Health Check Aberdeen
Computer Health Check

After a while your computer will begin to show signs of its age.  It may be a few years old, it may be only a few months old. 
Daily use can clog it up with temporary files, spyware and applications that are no longer needed.  If you would like us to
perform a PC health check on your machine then please get in touch.  Our PC Health check service is comprehensive
and can be carried out at you address or by remote connection.
Installing all windows updates direct from Microsoft.
Clearing out temporary files that are generated when you surf the web.
Running a check on the computer for spyware and other rouge pieces of software.
Updating your applications including Adobe Reader, Flash and iTunes.
If during the PC Health check we uncover any serious problems then we will advise you of them. If your anti-virus subscription has expired then we
can advise on a number of alternatives that are available.  All of our PC Health Checks come with a final report and any recommendations.

If you would like to speak to me about this service call Doug on 01224 684258 or 07766 426665.

Laptop Screen Replacement Aberdeen
Laptop Screen Replacement

Have you broken your laptop screen?  If the answer is yes then we can help.  The good news is that the fix is both quick
and inexpensive.   All we ask is you drop your laptop off with us so that we can confirm the correct replacement part prior
to ordering it.

We also offer a free collect and return service for all repairs within Aberdeen City.
As each laptop is different we do not carry a large stock of screens.  We work with a range of suppliers who offer next day delivery (unless it is a

We can supply and fit screens for most laptops including:
Acer, Advent, Compaq, Dell, eMachines, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, IBM, Lenovo, MSI, NEC, PackardBell, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba

Call Doug on 01224 684258 or 07766 426665 for more information.

Broadband Setup Aberdeen
Broadband Setup

Home Broadband Setup - New Installation
You are reading this because you are struggling to setup your home broadband. .  We will come out and carry out a
comprehensive home broadband setup.
We will make sure your router is positioned in the best possible place to ensure your house is fully covered by the wireless signal.  Our home
broadband setup will also include a mini PC health check for one of your computers. If your machines do not have anti-virus software then we can
install some to make sure you are protected.

If you are looking for advice on choosing the correct Internet Service Provider then we can also help.

Home Broadband Setup - Wireless Network Extension
If you have noticed that your wireless signal is not present across the whole of your house then we can advise on ways to increase the range. 
Sometimes simply moving the router is enough to do the job, other times extra kit is required. We can come to you and ensure that the wireless part
of your home broadband is working correctly and if not we can make the necessary changes to expand the range of the wireless network.

Home Broadband Setup - Troubleshooting and Fault Finding
If you are having connection problems with your home broadband setup then give Doug a call on 01224 684258 or 07766 426665 and we can come
to you to identify the problem. 

Sometimes the fault is with your Internet Service Provider and so they will need to be contacted.
Operating System Re-Install Aberdeen
Operating System Re -Install

If your computer has a serious virus problem or has become slower over the months and years then an operating system
re-install is the way forward to give you back a fully functioning computer.

We charge a flat fee of £55 for the process.
Backup any files you have on the computer at present. Even if your machine won’t start due to problems with Windows, we can retrieve your data. 
We can recover your precious documents, music, photographs, favorites and email.  We do not backup any installed software.
Reinstall your operating system from the recovery partition if it is available.  If not we use the DVD you supply.

We run your freshly installed operating system through Windows Update to ensure it has the latest updates from Microsoft installed.
Finally we restore your backed up data and return the machine to you.

If you require your printer setup or any software to be installed when we return it then a small charge may be added to your bill.

No installation disk?
Many manufacturers supply the operating system as a recovery partition on the hard drive therefore you will not have a disc to reinstall windows. If
your hard drive fails you lose the recovery partition. As long as you have the license key (usually stuck onto the case) we can install the correct
operating system.

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1

Call Doug on 01224 684258 or 07766 426665 for more information.
Computer Repair & Maintenance
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