Your prices appear to be slightly higher than other people advertising on the internet - why should I go with you? 
The prices I advertise are true prices and not *from* prices. I do not falsely advertise headline rates that are non-sustainable. I do not add VAT on to
the prices seen. As I visit you, I have to take into account that I could be driving for 20-30 minutes (or more) each way to fix your computer. I regularly
give ‘free’ advice to clients I have dealt with before, saving them from unnecessary call outs I will not try to sell you something you do not need in order
to boost the cost of the job. I have over 15 years of experience.

I want to upgrade my PC with additional memory / a new graphics card / larger hard drive / DVD RW / Printer. What do I need? 
We would need to understand what your current PC make, model and configuration is in order to advise you correctly. The quickest way for this is
often a home visit.

If you are confident you can supply this information in detail - you can email this to us and we can advise from your description.
We will also happily install and configure anything you have bought as long as it is compatible with your system

I have bought a new computer - can you install it and transfer the data from my old PC?  
Yes. Installing a new PC, patching and configuring it to work in your environment usually takes between 1-2 hours. Transferring data from your old PC
is also possible - if the PC is working we can often copy everything over as it was before (please note - we cannot copy over programs - these need
to be re-installed and must be compatible with the new PC). If the PC is not in a good state, we can take away the disks, transfer the data on to a
portable Hard Drive, DVD or Flash Drive and transfer this to your new PC.

I don't know anything about PCs - how can I tell you what the problem is?
We can visit your home and check your PC with you. If you can show us the problem, we can fix it.

Do you fix PCs at my home or take the PC away?
A simple installation can be carried out at your home. Troubleshooting a serious problem may require more time and is often best uplifted and taken to
my workshop.

We are happy to work the way that suits you best.
Please note that virus removal takes anywhere from 2-5 hours, we take away the PC or laptop to do this. A fixed rate charge is applied for this service.

If you need to take away my PC or laptop - how long will it take before I get it back?
We are usually able to fix your PC or laptop within 24-36 hours. If parts are needed this can take longer.

My PC has a blue screen. When I reboot Windows it does not work. What do I do?
Take a note of the details on the 'blue screen'. This will often give a code just after the word *** STOP....... Make a note of these details - they will help
us find and resolve the problem.  (I am specifically interested in the following 10 characters - usually in the format of 0X0000007B)

Can I buy my own hardware for you to install?
We encourage you to buy your own hardware. We are happy to advise on what you need and direct you to the cheaper places to purchase your
hardware. We can also supply the hardware.

Do you offer maintenance to keep things running smoothly?
Yes, in fact we encourage it. Depending on your usage of your PC, a quarterly or half-yearly remote support visit can help avoid major problems, deal
with issues you are unaware of and can keep your PC running at optimal performance. We provide a free maintenance software programme called
SupportSuite available to all customers to help maintain computer performance after our initial visit.

I am worried about internet security and the chance that someone may get my bank / credit card details. What can I do to protect against this?
There are several products on the market that can protect your PC, however nothing is 100% secure. We can offer advice and guidance regarding
how best to protect yourself.

I have a wireless router - is this secure? Can anyone else use my internet or see my PC?
A wireless router can be secure, but you need to turn on and configure security. We are able to offer this service. Usually this can be done quickly.

I already have broadband, I want to go wireless. Which router do I need?
In most cases your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will supply a router to you - this will usually cost around £40-£50.  You can purchase a router
yourself but please make sure you purchase the correct one for your system. We also supply and setup new routers.

My PC is running very slowly. I have antivirus software on here but it does not find anything. Do I have a virus?
It is very possible you have a virus, spyware, malware or adware on your PC. These are often picked up while doing internet searches without you
realising. Your antivirus software must be kept up to date in order to help prevent these types of infections. Some infections are capable of disabling
antivirus software if they can get on to your system.  We are often able to remove these. When this is not possible, we sometimes have to format the
hard drive. A backup of your data will be very useful then. We are often able to retrieve data from an infected disk - however programs need to be re-
installed. On the other hand, it might be that your PC or laptop is getting old (over 3-4 years) or could do with some upgrades - additional memory is
often a way to improve performance.

I do not have a backup of my system how do I do it and will it take long?
There are several different ways to backup your system.  This can be on a CD or DVD drive, online, a tape or separate / external hard drive. We are
happy to discuss the best solution for you. The time it takes to backup your data all depends on how much data you have and the media you are
sending your backup to. In most cases buying an external hard drive and connecting this to a USB port is the easiest way.  Vista and Windows 7
come with automatic backup facilities installed. If you do not feel 'techie' enough to install and configure this, we can do this for you.

I want to buy a PC or laptop, there are several offers in the shops. What do I need?
You can overspend very easily when buying a PC or laptop. We are happy to discuss your requirements with you and advise what you need. We will
not earn any commission from this. You will get an unbiased opinion and could save hundreds of pounds.

Do you repair printers / faxes?
In most cases it is cheaper to replace the printer / fax. We are happy to take a look to see if there is anything that can be done in order to repair. This
is often not cost effective though.

I have an old PC I no longer want - how do I dispose of it?
One of the worst things you can do is to throw it out with your rubbish, or take it to the 'dump'. The data on your hard drive is very useful to fraudsters.
You need to make sure the data on the hard drive is destroyed. Simply deleting the data is not always enough.
It is possible to have the parts recycled from the PC.

Do you service / repair Mac PCs?
Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer this service.

Common scams
Beware Microsoft will never contact you with regards to your PC or errors generated by your PC. If anyone ever contacts you and that way please
hang up however if you have followed the instructions your PC is now compromised. Please get in contact to re secure your PC and remove any

Why does it take so long to get viruses off a computer?
Virus removal is a skill, it is not the case of just running a virus removal program. If it were easy you would probably be doing it yourself. Anyone saying
that they can clean a computer of viruses within an  hour is either not doing a thorough job (in which case you will likely still have viruses on your
computer) or is simply resetting your computer ‘back to factory’ - which destroys all your data (I have seen certain large PC selling companies do this
many times)
Frequently Asked Questions
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